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Mal to the rescue! My Atto got stuck not seemingly willing to unfold itself. One quick phone call and Mal appeared from the other side of the country and it's fixed. Customer Service at it's best.

Warm Regards
John S

5 Star Review
I've always loved being outdoors and walking was a great hobby, so when MS stopped me getting out and about I felt a great loss. Having tried out the Trekinetic GTE at MS Life I was keen to see what it was like in the real world. Mal responded very quickly to my request and in just a few days I was wheeling down muddy tracks near my home. Immediately the sense of independence and freedom was amazing. Mal was happy to spend as long as I needed but to be honest I didn't need long to know it would be life changing.

We had a good think about the cost but decided the difference it would make, not just to me but also to my partner who could share his passion for nature, was priceless.

In April 2017 it arrived! Its first big test was a trip to London - it coped fine with the train and hotel as well as a trip down a very packed Brick Lane. It took ages for me to get down the street as I was stopped many times by people asking about the chair and I had my photo taken by a French physiotherapist who wanted to show it to colleagues and patients. This is a pattern that has been repeated most trips, people stop and chat. Men seem to be interested in the technology and women focus on its funky design but its lovely!

I've tried it off the beaten track on holiday in Scotland where we got over rocks and tree roots and persuaded the Council to add a wheelchair track to a local park. It would be too steep for a normal chair but not the GTE, although it was a bit of a white knuckle ride the first time! Its a big investment but certainly, for me, worth it.


4 Star Review
I Purchased the Atto scooter in June 17 from Mal who's service was second to none he certainly went the extra mile he delivered the scooter and gave a home demo.

I would say its quite pricey but money well spent. I was restricted on going out and about now I can join my family on country walks,popping into town & ride along the beach etc. It's given me a new lease of life.


5 Star Review
Mal delivered my GTE on the day before Christmas Eve. What a great Christmas present!!!.

I only had it 15 minutes and was already showing it off to a disabled neighbour, who was just passing at the time. He was most impressed with how it looks. Nothing was to much trouble for Mal. He even told us to ring on Christmas day if there were any problems, but everything was fine.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been putting it through it's paces, at different locations and mixed terrains, local to me. It has handled everything ok. Even indoor tight spots, like in a bird hides, manoeuvring through doors was no problem. Now I am familiar with the controls, it's amazing how it is so easy to handle.

It's great to be getting out about again under my own steam, not having to rely on anyone to push me. Going to the Lake District for a weeks holiday to give it a real workout. Lots of tracks and trails to go on. Cannot wait!

Thanks again Mal for everything.
Phil & Bonita

5 Star Review
Purchased the Atto from Mal at All Terrain Mobility Solutions. The customer service was 1st class & Mal ensured the product fully met my needs before I purchased it.

The Atto is amazing & the best scooter I have ever used. The ability to fold to so quickly & small enough to fit in the overhead locker on the plane has made travelling a pleasure.

The battery life is outstanding. I could not recommend the Atto more highly.

Jeff S

5 Star Review
I’ve had my Atto for almost a year now and I have to say I love it dearly. Having suffered rheumatoid arthritis and POTS for thirty years my ability to stand or walk has become limited to a couple of very painful minutes at a time.

Until I got the Atto, however, my solution had been to simply go out less and less as the clunky looking mobility scooter I had before was both extremely difficult to get in and out of the car, and made me feel like a granny, when I’m actually only in my forties. The Atto, on the other hand, is both cool looking and compact and only takes a few seconds to transform from a piece of luggage into a vehicle!

It always draws admiring looks and questions when I am out and about and I happily tell people all about it.

I am no longer slowly turning into a hermit as I am far less daunted at the prospect of leaving the house. One small point that is worth mentioning though, is that the battery seems to flatten faster when left in a very cold car, so it’s worth bringing it inside or checking the battery before you need to use it in winter.

Ruth ATTO Scooter Review 5/5

Ruth H

5 Star Review
I bought my Atto Scooter a year or so from Mal who I must compliment. I rang him to find where I could drive to try one as you rarely if ever see one in the North of England.

The demo could have been as long as I wanted and despite my Yorkshire reluctance to spend money I found myself in awe of the Atto. It is so small when folded as to be able to fit into any car. Yes I really mean any car. I could have a 2 seater sports car and take an Atto with me.

My biggest complaint is that I have never been anywhere new without someone insisting on asking me questions, such as to does it really fold up that easy? Is it light? Where can I buy one? Some times it can be quite a task, but it is so stunningly engineered that it is perhaps understandable.

Is there anything I would change? Perhaps a lock or somewhere to hide my disabled Radar toilet key. Oh and all the adverts have Atto with white trim on the rear wheels. Mine are just black. Simply can't really fault it other than this niggle. Call me odd if you wish but I just love wheels.

John S

5 Star Review
I love my Moving Life Atto and just that sums up my feeling, really. It is a great, very tough and stable product. This scooter is strong yet fully portable. I have MS which means I can not walk for more than a minute or two. The Atto gives me a lot of my mobility back.

I bought my Atto in December 2016 from All Terrain Mobility Solutions and since then it has already been on 7 flights with no issues. If it’s portability you need, then this is the scooter for you. It allows me to go out in any car as it simply folds. No need to have a car adapted for transporting a larger scooter. It would even fit in the boot of my Mini!

I love my ‘transformer scooter’.

We are in the UK at the moment and of course 'wallie', Attos new nickname, is with me.

He is great and I would hate to be without him. It's the best thing and I agree with another reviewer, I am always getting asked about it. Especially at airport gates when I arrive on a scooter and in seconds as if by magic. It's a rolly case

Jo B

5 Star Review
Thank you for the trial in the Trekinetic GTE wheelchair, it was an awesome experience and as I have no fear, I tested the chair to its boundaries and pushed it to the extreme.

I tested the chair in a range of environments, starting off at a local woodland where the ground was thickly covered in autumnal leaves, logs & undergrowth and it excelled wherever it went, passing through muddy paths & long grass too. The chair was so manoeuvrable, it achieved it all with ease.

Mal encouraged me to trial the chair whilst walking my dog, and this proved both safe for her and enabled a simple task of walking a dog to be achieved with confidence.

We continued the day of adventure with trepidation as I jokingly said I wanted to climb up the steepest side of the Malvern hills, never in my wildest dreams believing this could be achieved! Mal challenged me to achieve my dream. I was overwhelmed with adrenaline and excitement as, with words of encouragement from Mal, I climbed straight up the side of the hill, over the steepest gradient that Mal had ever witnessed. On reaching the summit my emotions took over, as my dream had been fulfilled. With tears in my eyes, I commented to Mal that this experience was like finding a cure for MS, or the next best thing, as it broke down all boundaries and enabled me to achieve my goals & dreams. We then commenced our descent which was an unbelievable challenge to both the Trekinetic and myself. The steep terrain consisted of boulders, loose gravel and tree roots, the narrow pathway was cut out of the hill, which gave a steep drop on one side. The Trekinetic made me feel safe enough to tackle the challenge ahead of me.

My experience of the Trekinetic exceeded all expectations and I am led to believe it exceeded Mal’s too, as he said “I thought it was the best chair in the world but now I KNOW it’s the best chair in the world!”

I will be buying this chair, and I know my life will only get better when I get one!

My day ended with a smile from ear to ear!

Kind regards
Lynn x

5 Star Review
I purchased an Atto Mobility Scooter for my wife in Sept. 16 and we have been delighted with its performance and superb quality.

It is so amazingly compact for easy storage at home and in the car boot. I have no hesitation in recommending Atto and also Mal who we found to be so helpful and friendly.


5 Star Review
We trialled the GTE on one of the hottest days of 2017, at Apley Woods about a mile from where we live. That is somewhere I had never been able to access, normally. After couple of hours the nickel cadmium battery was running low so we opted for the lithuim ion battery which lasts a few hours longer.

By delivery it was October, so the roadtest so far has been quite different weather! It has had to cope with 3 inches of snow and a blizzard, with rain and mud. The GTE coped better than I did. Apart from the footplate causing a snowplough effect – you basically have to keep kicking it off!

We recently moved and now woodland and a nature reserve are a few miles away and we look forward to exploring them both.

Fallen Tree Trekinetic Our concerns at first were that when collapsed it would prove too heavy – I have MS and my partner is disabled too, so we could not, for instance, lift the body of the GTE into a car. However, with the wheels removed, it proves able to fit in a cupboard in our adapted bungalow, without having to lift it.

Also, to connect the charger to the battery, you have to literally get down on the floor. Something I am unable to do and my partner struggles with. So how do other, disabled folks do this? I'd love to hear from others!

Lynn and James

4 Star Review
Many thanks for your great service Mal – your help and assistance is second to none!

John B

5 Star Review
You were kind enough to allow a full days trial at my home near Worcester, and at no cost or commitment to myself, and you didn’t even mind chasing after me all day to ensure that I was safe!

I would like to highly recommend Mal as a representative of Trekinetic for his compassion, endurance & expertise in keeping me safe at all times, which was not an easy task given my enthusiasm & excitement!

Mal & the Trekinetic enabled me to have the experience of a lifetime, that is a memory I will never forget.

Kind regards
Lynn x

5 Star Review
The Atto is so mobile it has no problems getting me around, it feels well built and very solid. I would encourage anyone with mobility needs to try out an Atto – you won’t be disappointed!

John & Viv

5 Star Review

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