The Industry for those who are DIFFERENTLY ABLED, NOT DISABLED!!!

So our reason for being in this industry is very simple, I and my Business Partner were at a Mobility event in Oxford. At the exhibition we came across the Trekinetic Chairs, which were and still are a very futuristic range of products.

We were blown away with the Trekinetic Range so much so that we said to ourselves that if we ever needed a chair then it would only be the Trekinetic for us. We decided that we would be Distributers for Trekinetic All Terrain Limited, hence here we are today.

So now we only promote British Manufactured and Designed products from the UK where ever Possible.

The Stair lifts are from a Great German company whom are known worldwide for the Quality Products and Design.

We will only ever promote Quality Products designed well and partner with Companies who provide High Quality Customer Service, so you the customer are always happy and satisfied with your decision.

We Believe

The customer is the KING & QUEEN of all Orders placed for any Company.
Anyone who does not understand that should not be trading in our opinion.’

Freedom Wheelchairs

We only stock Revolutionary Lightweight, Off Road, All Terrain Manual & Powered Wheelchairs

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Freedom Scooters

A new foldable Mobility Scooter that folds within seconds to the Size of a Trolley Suitcase

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Stair Lifts

Top of line products to give you the peace of mind and the security you need when using your Stair Lift.

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